Freedom and Liberty AKA Constitutional America can not exist in the same plane of existence with Communism or Socialism Or Sharia.

Organized Crime, Communism, Socialism and Sharia all four are currently at war with Constitutional Law abiding America we just will not admit it.

We are being subjugated on four fronts. I hope American citizens wake up soon. 





There are no longer any undecided Americans.
You are either with us the people, self rule, small government, individual liberty and the constitution or you are against America

In a society were no one can 
be judged no one is free.

Do Americans at large understand that socialism involves various economic and political theories which advocate collective or government ownership of the means of production and the distribution of goods? I bold-faced the word "theories" because the practice is quite a resounding failure in most countries in which it was tried or it is currently used.